Saturday, September 09, 2006

New mouse design

I created this mouse for a 3d battle in KirupaForum. I had designed some of the concept designs. My main concept was to give a good grip and easy and faster navigation. I replaced the mouse wheel by joy-stick to give more freedom for motion. Joy-stick can also act as middle mouse down, just like mouse wheel.

I had done a little survey on that forum to know what is the general grip to hold the mouse. And I found mixed responses in given 2 options:

  • full palm resting on mouse body (so whole hand will move mouse around) and
  • palm over mouse not fully in touch with the body (so mainly fingers and knuckle will be used to move mouse around).

My sketch has a bump on the rear side of the mouse. This was added considering that dent in the palm can rest on that bump better. This design can work very well for people who like to rest their whole palm on the mouse body. I have a bit different design of that part in my 3d model. I had considered this 3d model for people who like to hold mouse like second type mentioned above.