Friday, September 08, 2006

3D character : Update 4 (texturing begins)

Well! A lot of things have been done after I posted my last render. At last modelling part is over (pheewuuu)! I have started texturing the model now. Initially I was reluctunt to start with any complex texturing, rather I wanted to apply simple shaders to the objects. But I thought to have a look at uvw unwrap feature. So I was just playing with that feature and started texturing tshirt. But initially working with uvw unwrap was a real brain burning session. I had no idea of how it works. I went through some tutorials and help in max but could not get much idea. So I thought to just experiment directly and I flattened my map, what I expected was unfolded 3d mesh onto a plannar area like a 2d map. But no! I had lots of separate pieces of my mesh and they were arranged in a little box. So looking at that map I could tell about some majot parts which they belong to, but no way I could tell how they were connected. So I was about to give up and started with only basic shader. But I kept playing around and I remembered that one tutorial was talking about stitching parts together. So I started experimentin. I found that I can stitch related edges (shared edges or any shared element) to join all the different parts of map together to form faily identifiable flatten map. So day before yesterday I sat for like 14 hours straight and finally I got character's tshirt textured. At each stage I had high amount of excitement to see what result will come next in his t-shirt. And as this is my first time doing such a complex texturing it was difficult, but I enjoyed it a lot. So far I have got this :)


ami da said...

its a lovely t-shirt on an exaggerated waistline! :)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looking cool here !!

Maulik said...

Thanks :) am glad you liked it.