Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Destination

Many things have happen, or should I say my life has comepletely changed since I last wrote in here. In my journey of becoming an animator, I have reached to the most important goal, I have reached to US to attend animation school. I am really close to my dream now, I feel it in my belly. Though this came with some price, I know ultimately I will get things working and reach where I want to. It's difficult adjusting to new lifestyle here, but it's just the matter of time I know. So time has again very important role here. I miss my family and friends so much, I miss every corner of India. But I hope once my college starts, I will find myself working hard and forget temporary issues I have. God has been really kind to me in many things and I cant hank enough. I will do my best to become a good human being and reach my ultimate goal.