Sunday, April 15, 2007

Great Advice

This is something all dream catchers should understand and put into action! (found it from here)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

If you dream...

It's not the smartest person who endures the battle and becomes a winner, but the person who stands throughout the whole journey and never gives up on his/her dreams. It's not the extra ordinary talent but the extra ordinary perseverance that takes a person to his/her dream. And one more important thing is that you have to believe in yourself. Determination and believing yourself are interwoven so I think you have to have both, one helps the other to grow . Many times I wonder what is it that makes a person shoot into the life and makes person reach goals or dreams, not everybody becomes for example Bill Gates or may be Dr.A.P.J. Kalam or Walt Disney. I question why people did not take a course to reach his/her dream! I have heard people telling this, be aware that not everybody's dreams come true. I think what they are trying to say is that you quit, you are not one of those who can succeed. It could be shocky at times, but mind of a dreamer has to be stronger than steel, firmed and determined to face anything, even failures of reaching dream. I know we humans have social life and we have responsibilities, we cant take risks. But think what if this were told to Gandhiji and he had stopped his mission or Thomas Alva Edison and he had stopped? Life goes nowhere without taking risks, life itself is risky whether you take risk or not. So why to worry about risks?

In the end I just want to say that if you dream about a goal, dream it so hard that it runs in your blood. Your veins pump the passion of your dream. And you become so strong that all the winds in the world change to your direction. You may fall but never give up on rising. It's your determination and belief in yourself that takes you till the gate. It's not an easy path for sure, but if are determined enough, nothing can stop you. (watch "October Sky" and you will know it)

October Sky (1999)

This is one of those inspiring movies who can provide you with enough magic spinach to workout your brain and heart muscles. I really liked this movie and for the fact that it was based on a true story, that proves that it CAN happen. I really loved it because it's real and many situations, like most of the people opposing your idea or your passion because it's new, are faced by the hero, but he still has burning desire. A son of a coal miner becomes a Nasa Astronaut! Recommended watch.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My first charcoal still life

This is the first still life I did in charcoal. It was really fun, though messy. But I love the feel of charcoal and also because they can do really dark values.

I met a guy...

Being in a good college has some really good advantages. Our college arranges job fair every year bringing some of the most reputed companies and studios in the world. This time we had Blue Sky Studios, ILM, Digital Domain, Lucasarts and list goes on. I was really excited to be in the job fair, so I got ready (I used gel to keep my long hairs stick together and keep them under the ears). I knew even if I could not do anything I just wanted to talk to one studio, and that was Blue Sky studios. Wow! I was pretty excited. But when I went there, there was a long queue (of course I should expect that). But looking around other people's work and portfolios my little portfolio felt uncomfortable and so did I. But I had to talk to that lady who was sitting on the desk of Blue Sky Studios. So I kept waiting in the queue. Suddenly a boy from behind the girl who was behind me (pardon my long confusing line) told me that there is a little caterpillar on my shirt's collar. Well that was the second time I saw a similar guy on my shirt (first time it was in the morning). I guess few of them got on my backpack while was waiting for the bus in the morning. Ok so I told that boy to take it off and put it on a paper I was holding, and he did that for me. I told him to hold my place and I went out on rescue mission (that boy in the row used the word 'rescue'). And that's it, thank God that little guy got saved.

But wait! This is not about that little guy. I kept waiting in the line, few people took only few minutes few more, but now the person on the desk had changed. This person was a guy who was wearing cool shirt. (Ok I am cutting it short) Then my turn came and I shook hand with the guy and we just started talking. I took only few minutes but it was fun and I enjoyed it. So that was the story all about (boring hah?) . I met a guy from "Blue Sky Studios"! Yuhoo! :)