Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tales from Earthsea

It's a Ghibli movie, so despite getting not so good review I wanted to watch it desperately. And I finally did. Even though it could not create the same magic as the previous ghibli movies, I think the feel and style of the movie is the same. I love all the landscapes so much, and each background was like an amazing piece of art. The colors and compositions were really beautiful. I watched the movie again just to watch the landscapes. Really beautiful! Animation is again really nice and with so amazing details. I actually liked the story and concept behind the story. The story is actually adapted from the book with same title name. Soundtracks are mind blowing too. I love the main song (which Therru sings in the movie) so much. Somehow I felt that the soundtracks were mixtures of many different kinds. I also felt that music on violin was near to Indian feel at some points. Overall I loved the movie, especially I enjoy the artwork so much, it's breathtaking. The farm and house of Tenar was really beautiful. I wish to have a house and a farm like that.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Flight" comic book series

Anybody who loves comics should read these books. They are really awesome. All the stories and characters and everything is superb. The great thing about these books is that many talented artists have put their own comic stories in each book so you can see a lot of variety in terms of style, characters and stories. Totally cool, I have got Flight 2 and 3, when I will have some extra money I really want the other two.

Check out this blog and artist's work. I really love it.

A little twist to "Pudla"

When I came back home from class I was tired and was in no mood to make the full fledge meal. So I got an idea of making pudla. But I always want to experiment and push the creativity a little further. I added cilantro, 2 green chillies and some wheat flour along with chickpea (besan) flour. I like the idea of adding cilantro into the batter. And now I am planning to make thepla with finely chopped cilantro into the dough. New experiments are always exciting so can't wait to try that. I am sorry I dont have a pic, but if possible I will post it later.

Some old sketchbook pages

Assignment 1 (Master copy)

This was my first life drawing assignment. We had to do a master copy as part of learning head drawings. I used white charcoal on black paper. This is not the latest one, in which I have increased the height of the forehead.