Friday, September 12, 2008

Color Theory

First work is done with Acrylic Gouache and this how it was done. First we had to find a piece of cloth with some pattern. Then trace the design on 11x11" square of bristol board. And take a small square of the same cloth glue it to the traced design where it belongs. And then expand the design by matching the cloth colors and painting the remaining design (If you see a little closely and you can see the glued square) . For painting remaining design, area remaining after gluing the square, was divided into different sections and each section was painted with different color processes. One was inverted colors of original colors, one was compliment of original colors, those are the two that i can remember :) And I think there were 4 or 5 sections total including the original colors.

The second work was for color theory class. We had to create a motif and from that create a pattern. Then took selected colors and paint the whole pattern. I used Acrylic paint on a canvas paper. Thanks to my professor who helped me see that we can create very different and creative designs using the same motif. This is I think the first time I have used such bold and bright colors. I wanted to get out of my confort zone of using mild colors. So this assignment was a great learning experience. (The photograph of this one looks a little dull compared to original work, sorry about that)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kids: Drawing & Imagination

This is an excerpt from Mark Kennedy's post on his blog:

"if I remember correctly, it said that most kids stop drawing around age seven because that's the age when teachers and parents start to tell kids "you're drawing that cat wrong, cats don't have seven legs" and so drawing stops being fun and starts being a chore, which makes kids give it up completely. And why not give it up? Schools and parents rarely seem to put much importance on art or learning to draw, those are always the first school programs cut when budgets shrink (it seems to me, anyway) and so very few people keep drawing throughout their lives."
A very good lesson for parents. I have to keep this in mind because I will become a parent one day and I won't want my kids to go away from creativity and imagination.