Thursday, February 15, 2007

Being an Artist

Some people might be waiting to see an update in my blog, so pardon me for not updating this blog for a long time. Life is on a rollercoaster lately and may be this is the first time I have faced so many new things simultaneously. And for few I was not quite ready. But anyways I just wanted to pour out how I feel about my new student life and on a way to become an artist.

People usually have misconception about animation. Many people dont see artistic side of animation and forget that an animator is ultimately an artist. And art is just not about drawing or design or animating, there is more to it. Back in India (Esp in my state Guajart) art education is something which comes lower than engineering and commerce stream and people take art when they have low %. People dont show that respect to an artist that they show to people with non-art qualification, and I really feel bad for it. Well that's the way things are setup so it's eventually nobody's fault. But I wish something can be done about it. I am no good at sensing artistic value in all kind of artwork, but I see how people put effort in their work to CREATE a piece of art. I believe art can help a person understand things about life, about people. It gives a new vision to see different and see life with new perspective.

Being an artist I feel good, I want to see life with every angle possible. I am learning that one cannot always be standing, one may fall. That's really a part of life and it's easy to accept once you know it's natural. It's possible that a person can be standing for a very long time, hit the bull's eye for so many times consicutively, but still that person has to be open minded to survive the fall. Once a person learns this art nothing can beat him/her. A person who can rise from any fall can do anything in life. I got this example from a friend (who heard this from his friend), when a cat is running after a mouse and if cat does not catch that mouse it seats down. But then it does not seat forever or change its mind. Cat will get up soon and start running after a mouse again. An artist generates an amazing piece of work, and sometimes he feels he cannt make it. This is so typical in this field that once in a while this feeling comes to almost everybody where one thinks that he/she does not feel motivated or inspired enough to come up with creative work. I have still to see and face many things, but I have made a note of this. So I will try to improve when my time comes.