Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puppet Animation, great act

This is absolutely Amazing! Best puppet acting I have ever seen. Even though it's just a stick man with one leg and no face, you know what he is doing or feeling.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Latest Render of old character.

Just playing with built-in Mental Ray material for sub surface scattering (sss) effect. SSS looks cool.

My first businesscard! I am excited

Front and back vertical format.
The gear system represents the technical aspects of rigging. However, rigging also requires an eye for aesthetic or art so I have those gears made from faces (And they will actually work in practical if put together properly). So the gear system made from faces is my logo. And it will be driving an Inverse kinematics chain pulling head on the other side. IK is something I am very interested in for research hence IK highlighted in my name too. Also because it brings attention to name quickly.

Blue and brown are not my typical colors, so I feel good being adventurous this time. However this color scheme is widely used in graphics designs (esp blogs). And so it's not unique, but I like it. (please ignore the white border)