Friday, October 27, 2006

Quick head exercise 2

Here are two more head drawings. This time more challenging as the views are changed. It was really a good excercise, I felt my weaknesses and I can see all the small and big mistakes I have made. But again no eraser :) and that's my primary goal right now. I am trying hard not to think of it, but still it caught my mind during shading of nose in first image.

I see a lot of mistakes (esp. in eyes). For me problem is that not all the things will fall into right place. If I do eyes good I will mess up with nose or may be lips. So still struggle goes on. But second came better than my some of previous tilted head drawings. So I feel I have improved (though very tiny).

But right now what I am trying to achieve is not perfect anatomy, but to be fearless. Fear of making things bad or making bad drawing is a primary issue I have seen in many ppl including me. And mostly it is in the early phase. We have to fight this to get really fast and smooth. I am trying to undersrand this phsycology and to find ways to solve it. But right now I would like to put one of my favourite quotes here:

"Failure Seldom stops you, what stops you is the fear of failure"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick head exercise

Here is the quick exercise I did in order to practice drawing without eraser. Was pretty fun, but at one stage I got attached with drawing and wanted to erase :) But I won this time, NO eraser! Also one more point I wanted to understand was making dark lines carefully and in right place so I only do where I need them (not all over the place). I think I didn't do much good in that. Also I tried to define things clearly in construction, but eyes were difficult, otherwise shapes of the head came pretty well in construction.

Second image came pretty fast and with better eyes. But shading near cheeks went wrong. And also there are some nose issues. But over all it was better and fun. More head drawings in perspective view tomorrow :)

Girl : surprise smile

Here is one more portrait drawing (from reference) . This time I was doing good, but I still messed up eyes and hair. Also i haven't done shading properly on the nose and some other area. But I had played long with it and there was no meaning of erasing things and editing. I think either I will do this all over again or will do new one.

The characteristic that I liked in the reference was the expression. In actual picture eyes were nearly closed. Also her eyebrows are up and she has a full smiling mouth features. So it was really something new in addition to normal smile.

I still need to do things with freestyle, it somehow takes really long even though I could have done it in short time. May be my choosey nature makes me erase parts again and again to get perfection.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Girl Portrait

Here is my late night drawing, it turned out to be better than I had expected. Usually I have trouble keeping all the features in sync. I think this time I have pretty much controlled my hand and eyes :) But still there is great room for inmprovement.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My first 3D character RIG

Here is a snap of my first rig for my 3d boy character. It has been long working on it. I had some issues in defining proper deformations. At one point I was stuck in doing that as max6 gizmos to do that does not work perfectly, but I have found out the way from cgtalk, so will be finishing it soon. This is really a basic rig, with lip bones and a jaw bone.

New character

Once I was practicing drawing foot and while contructing the bottom view, I saw a cool shape for the head. So I drew a character inspired from that shape.