Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Girl : surprise smile

Here is one more portrait drawing (from reference) . This time I was doing good, but I still messed up eyes and hair. Also i haven't done shading properly on the nose and some other area. But I had played long with it and there was no meaning of erasing things and editing. I think either I will do this all over again or will do new one.

The characteristic that I liked in the reference was the expression. In actual picture eyes were nearly closed. Also her eyebrows are up and she has a full smiling mouth features. So it was really something new in addition to normal smile.

I still need to do things with freestyle, it somehow takes really long even though I could have done it in short time. May be my choosey nature makes me erase parts again and again to get perfection.


ami da said...

but it has come out real nice! :)

Maulik said...

Thanks :)