Friday, October 27, 2006

Quick head exercise 2

Here are two more head drawings. This time more challenging as the views are changed. It was really a good excercise, I felt my weaknesses and I can see all the small and big mistakes I have made. But again no eraser :) and that's my primary goal right now. I am trying hard not to think of it, but still it caught my mind during shading of nose in first image.

I see a lot of mistakes (esp. in eyes). For me problem is that not all the things will fall into right place. If I do eyes good I will mess up with nose or may be lips. So still struggle goes on. But second came better than my some of previous tilted head drawings. So I feel I have improved (though very tiny).

But right now what I am trying to achieve is not perfect anatomy, but to be fearless. Fear of making things bad or making bad drawing is a primary issue I have seen in many ppl including me. And mostly it is in the early phase. We have to fight this to get really fast and smooth. I am trying to undersrand this phsycology and to find ways to solve it. But right now I would like to put one of my favourite quotes here:

"Failure Seldom stops you, what stops you is the fear of failure"