Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kids: Drawing & Imagination

This is an excerpt from Mark Kennedy's post on his blog:

"if I remember correctly, it said that most kids stop drawing around age seven because that's the age when teachers and parents start to tell kids "you're drawing that cat wrong, cats don't have seven legs" and so drawing stops being fun and starts being a chore, which makes kids give it up completely. And why not give it up? Schools and parents rarely seem to put much importance on art or learning to draw, those are always the first school programs cut when budgets shrink (it seems to me, anyway) and so very few people keep drawing throughout their lives."
A very good lesson for parents. I have to keep this in mind because I will become a parent one day and I won't want my kids to go away from creativity and imagination.


Kanan said...


I was one of those fortunate ones to draw until I was in 4th standard. My parents encouraged me a lot and won some gold and silver for my abilities too, but eventually gave up because they didn't have drawing as a subject in 5th, 6th and 7th in the new school I went to. Later in 8th it was boring because of the teacher who was more interested in girl students than in teaching drawing. In 11th, 12th it was for biology and other sciences that I drew but it wasn't much creative. I still do like to draw though, but wish I had gotten a chance earlier. :)

Maulik said...

That is great to hear. I was into drawing in early days and I participated in some drawing competitions too. And I loved drawing as a subject because I love drawing and my teacher was motivating. But I wish there was more drawing in school and to some advance level. I am not sure if we have drawing in high school. But it would have been nice to not go after scoring subject and take drawing for a change.

Vimal said...

Nice piece..
Though experiences can vary..
Watch 'Mr. Holland's Opus' if you can lay your hands on it...

Maulik said...

Agreed there. But it's a general case and tendency to put restrictions as you grow up and that's where the issue is. Kid's imagination is the best because it's pure imagination and less influence. And we should try not to let that imagination die.