Tuesday, September 05, 2006

3D character : Update 3

Here I am with updates on my 3d character. It's almost ocmpleted in terms of modelling. Only mouth is remaining now.

It took me so long to reach here because sometimes I was just running after a highly detailed character. So I kept moving vertices to get a very smooth detailed mesh. But when I see the result after rendering it's not much noticable. So there has to be an end to modelling, otherwise it goes on and on. So finally I decided on what I wanted and made it here.

Follwings are the main updates I have made

  • Main modification was done to face, Nose is greatly changed. I added lips and eyes and ears.
  • Clothes added.
  • For shoes I added a bit of designs at the side and rear area.
I had drawn some sketches for his clothes. For t-shirt I detached polygons from his torso and then modified that to give shape of his t-shirt. For his trouser I started with a box covering hip area and then started slicing according to my need. Then I extruded 2 boxes from that box and then started shaping up the boxes to make it look like trouser. Whenever needed I used quick slice to cut the mesh. I am thinking of this character as adventurous too, so I thought of making his trouser suit that nature. So I added 2 big pockets as well. I had also planned to add some straps on top of the pockets, but I think I will not going to make it as of now.

I think major things remaining now is hair, mouth and his cap.

Next task will be to texture everything, and I am really novice at texturing, so I am going to have tough time with that.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Neat character ! Cool work on your Blog !!