Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One month :)

On 13th Dec. 2008 I got married to a beautiful and a sweet girl, Ami. And today is exactly one month of our married life. Even if we got married a month ago it feels like we have been married for longer than that. That is probably because we enjoyed every little things together. It's more than 2 years since I left for my studies and today as husband and wife we stand together stronger than ever; fighting time, fighting physical distance and uncertainty of economy. I can't tell how lucky I am to have got such an amazing girl as my wife. She has inspired me to become a stronger man and made me more determined to chase my dreams. I don't hesitate to say, Ami I will marry you in all my next lives as well.


Kumar Ahir said...

copy cat!!!
ami has this photo in her blog too!!

but no worries. it's not only photo that you share but everything in your life.
wishing you a very happy married life.

Maulik said...

You see now we are married and that does make us copy cats, because we enjoy doing what the other better half does :)

Vineeta said...

Hey congratulations! You both make an adorable couple :) I just wish to see more photos..!

Maulik said...

Thanks Vineeta :)