Thursday, October 09, 2008

Comic Art

Here are two drawings I did in a sequential art class (Sequential art is about comics) in Fall 2007. I learned a lot about perspective, drawings humans for comics and creating environments. It was really a cool experience. Drawings for comics is so much fun and demanding of course.

The first one, everything is from imagination.
The second, the location is from a place near river street in Savannah, but characters are drawn from imagination.

The great fun about these both two was the story. The primary goal of Comics is the story. And that's why I really love the sequential art, because you are telling a story through series of drawings. And yeah my professor had worked in DC comics and I think Marvel comics as well for a long time. He did spider man comics and many more. Check his blog here and scroll through to see his amazing artwork Tom Lyle


Vimal said...

The first one's awesome.. The second's not bad as well. Seems you've done quite a work on anatomy :)

Maulik said...

Thanks for good words Vimal. Yes I really liked to draw muscles and stuff in anatomy. I have some in my sketchbook I will get them scanned and post.

I like the story and the characters in second more than the first one. I wasn't much happy with textures in second one because that took away the whole environment effect. And both drawings compositionally need work as there are some empty unused negative space in both.

Thanks for dropping by jawan. Looking forward to see you posting your drawings on your blog :)

Kanan said...

Wow, extraordinary details. It's awesome. I love the angles. You've done them quite well. Do share more.