Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Critiquing own animation?

I am taking 3D character animation class and I am learning a very important part of the process, which is critiques. And more important part I think is to critique our own work. While animating we look at the same work again and again for a long time and this creates a pitfall where you either cannot see your mistakes or you stop liking it as much as you liked when you had started. That's what happens with me generally.

When I come up with some really nice poses I get attached to them and I only see good side of the poses. So when i am told to change few things in the poses I like, it is difficult to think that changing them would improve my animation. I have learned that while critiquing my own work if I become unbiased and try to see what is not working first then it helps me understand why I need to change poses. After that it is also a good idea to see what works or which part helps in telling the story so when you make changes you keep good stuff and throw bad stuff out. I am still getting into this process. I think this method might work for me.