Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second Master Copy

This is one more master copy assignment, I don't have any details of the master artist but the work was really amazing. I am really happy with my final output in this assignment. I guess I am better with white charcoal on black paper than my skills with black on gray paper. This is actually huge, 36"x58". we did master copy on this big size to study all the details easily. I had to stick the paper to the wall to work on it. Photo quality is not good, there is a reflection on the bottom right corner :sigh:


AmiDA said...

ohmegod!!!!! just too good!!!! :)

Kumar Ahir said...

you have done this.
it's really amazing. simply awesome.

Kanan said...

Wow! that looks so real.

Maulik said...

This was one assignment I got crazy doing all small form renderings. May be I like working with white charcoal more.

Thanks for the good words friends :)

Dave said...

Amazing work Maulik.

I am moved , really , I am moved. yr having tremendous capabilities at art work.

keep it up

Maulik said...

Dave bhai thank you. I will keep trying to get better at art. Tame pan kai ochha nathi ho system ma :)