Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life & Partner

Life is really important and so is the partner one chooses to spend the entire life with. Life is about sharing and caring. To me life does not make sense if we do not share and care. Life partner or soul mate is the person to whom one opens up his/her heart fully. And that is when the power of sharing and caring grows more and more. That is why soul mate holds a very important place and role in life.

On 14th of August I got engaged to a sweet caring girl who is my best friend, my inspiration and my heart, Ami :)


Nova said...

Wow!! That was soooo beautifully written!! :) :) :) :)

M soooo happy for both of you!! :)

Kumar Ahir said...

congratulations buddy.
enjoy and have a great life ahead.
thodi shikhaamano joiye to kehje;-)

Kanan said...

Lovely art work. Heartily congratulations to both of you. You guys are so sweet. God bless. :)

Maulik said...

I feel good when somebody likes what I write :) Thanks Neha :)

Kumar, I will let you know in case I need any shikhaman :)

Kanan, we are glad that you like the artwork it was mine and Ami's combined effort to come up with the idea.

Thanks all for your wishes :)

Kanan said...

Very nice idea, I must say. And the details are so realistic. I love the way you sign in Gujarati.

Anonymous said...

Look at the way you both say things, she starts it as Patterns. and you- Life and Partner. Anyways, both of you are really good at writing, and especially saying so much in just few words.
Congrats. Hope to see the animation in real life photographs sometime :) Good Work though.
With best wishes
Nidhi G

AmiDA said...

maulik has done a far better job... i started out to write but couldn't find the right words and my post is still waiting to be published... 'patterns' is all i could manage...
and he did this drawing so quickly and at a time when he was terribly occupied with his other assignments... he's all dedication :)
and must i say, we enjoyed doing this like every other project we have enjoyed doing together :)

Maulik said...

Now I am flattered! :) The thing is I feel all the time that I have so much to do and that makes me feel really busy :)

Oh we love doing projects together and we are going to do some work together in future :) Though we would like to keep the projects secret as of now :)

Anonymous said...

All the best for all you do, I am sure things will come out great. keep up the good work, and Ami, your miloo has taken a long vaccation. Try and get her back on blog when you get time.

With best wishes
Nidhi G