Thursday, March 22, 2007

Job in Jen Library

I got an on-campus job in our college's library for a week. It's really fun, but tiring as I have also started going to gym. My all body muscles are in sweet pain. But walking around book racks and rearranging books has its own fun and benefits. I get to see all the parts in library and see what kind of books are in which racks. As our library is really huge (3 storey and long floors), it's not likely that I will be visiting the every section and rack of the library. But with this job, I will visit all the sections. I have already found many interesting sections, I found a section where India and Bollywood related books are situated. I also found children storybooks section, Leonardo da vinci related books section and collection/archive of many different magazines. And some of them are full of amazing material. I want to read so many things, but unfortunately I have so many things on my todo list. So right now trying to stick to my priority list.


AmiDA said...

how i envy you buddy! :)

Kumar said...

get the entire library in your head.
And then will loot all the books ;-)
"Great Library Robbery". History repeats itself. :-))))