Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Children of Heavens

This film just got into my favourite movies list. Brilliantly made! I really love the story and most of all, small details and expressions even in comman activities which are captured amzingly. For example, when the other girl (whom Zahra follows) knocks her house and while waiting for door to be opened she keeps jumping. That shows how children are eager to enter the home after school. I was really amazed at how details and emotions are captured. It is interesting that filming was kept secret most of the time. So that actions captured are natural. And it showed all the time in the movie. All the actions look so natural that movie looked live. And I love all the sweet things they did and reminded me of my own childhood. When they are washing the shoes and start making bubbles out of foam was nostalgic and I really loved that scene. And end is so beautiful, and one of the best scenes in the movie. Overall amazing film.

Mostly my best friend Ami posts film reviews on her blog. And let me tell you she is really talented in writing (Recommended reading :). But I really loved this movie and wanted to write my feelings about it, so just poured out :)

Oh I forgot to thank her for telling me about this film! Thanks you very much :)


AmiDA said...

geeeeeeeez i am so glad you saw the movie!!!! :) now we can discuss it at lenght :)