Saturday, August 26, 2006

Very basic drawing practice

I was given the basic exercise of drawing as part of my animation course. It was for freeing my hand to draw smooth and fast. It was really helpful as i had not done drawing in past month.

I had to draw horizontal and vertical lines mostly by moving my elbow to get wide range or distance. Then I had to draw uniform circles of same size and this would use my wrist as well as my grip. Now grip is important on a longer run, so it's good to experiment few different methods of holding a pencil. Holding a pencil away from lead helps you get more radius for curves (very helpful when drawing on a large canvas). Hold your pencil loose when you want to draw construction lines. When you want to add fine details you can hold it close to the end to gain control over short distance. It's not must to have specific grip style, but technically if you practice some of these will help greatly.

Here is a snap of my basic drawing practice. I still do this sometimes when I am getting bored, that way I can utilize my time.