Monday, August 28, 2006

Everthing is constructed from basic elements

There always exist some primitive elements that construct complex object. Any object can be drawn from basic shapes like, circle, rectangle etc. It's also similar to sculpting, we start from a lump of egg and then cut it and give wanted shape. And also add other primitive egg lump to previous one and join them to form new lump.

Similarly if I want to make a head I will start with egg shaped circle*. Then I can join another big egg to create body and similarly other objects for other body parts. This same construction rule can be applied to create any complex drawing. It also applies to human/animal figure drawing ( which I will post in future posts). Below are some of my drawing for similar exercise. Even if it was so simple, I felt like being child again, and it was fun :)

*in drawing and animation circle will have any shape :-) No math rules, it can be even sqashed!