Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Height of laziness

I feel very sorry for not posting in one of the longest breaks. I have the lamest excuse to give, I was lazy. But I should tell that there was more to it. I did not feel motivated enough. After doing a very bad performance in last quarter (I got B in all 3 courses), I figured out that I have lost my focus and my motivation. Human mind plays tricks all the time to get you out of focus. Mine does a lot. Before the end of quarter I had decided to do a lot in this 1.5 month break time to cover my lost in the last quarter. But eventually I ended up passing my time on my laptop and movies and working on projects to earn money. I was so confused and frustrated thinking that I was wasting a lot of time. Finally I decided to take a full break from all my study and goal thinking. I just want to chill for a while without any worries of how I will reach my goals. I have decided that once my quarter starts I want to forget all worries and focus on my study real hard. I am already excited since I am going to start doing hand drawn animation and may be a character rigging class. I have also decided to manage my time well in next quarter to give enough time for my sweetheart and food (to be healthy enough to do all things). I am planning to post some of my work from the last quarter, but I dont have any work scanned or ready to post. Once I have them ready I will definitely post them.


Kanan said...

It is always good to ruminate, specially when it's about ourselves. My best wishes to you for this new year. May you get to reach all your goals and do all that you wish for. :) Welcome back & Happy new year!

Maulik said...

Thanks for the comment Kanan. It seems you have a lot of patience :)

Thanks for the wishes too. I hope you have a great time too.

Kanan said...

Thank you, Maulik. :)

Don't know about the patience part but I've seen that taking a break from something is always good... it helps recuperate.

Maulik said...

I agree. Taking a genuine break always helps :)