Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fear of failure

Why do we afraid of failure so much? It seems that one of the greatest fear on earth is the fear of failure. My drawing professors always say that do not be afraid to make mistakes. I totally understand it why. But sometimes I just can't help it but feel that fear for a while. I know that it does not help at all and by taking failure as a milestone for success I can become better. Life is really challenging this way; even if you know something is good or bad, you sometimes can't just do what you know you should do. It is very true that the person who can control his/her mind can do anything in this world.

My Fall quarter has started and there are lots of things happening. As usual the pressure of performing well has started to build up. I dont know if it is my own expectation or not. One more thing I realize is that we are afraid of what people would think about us or what impression would we make if we do something. Sometimes we really become conscious and concerned about our impression on others that we start feeling that fear, we start feeling the pressure. It lies in person's strength to take failure as a part of success, as a part of the journey and not the destination. This challenge will keep coming in one or the other form. I want to be free from thinking of my impression on others and my own expectations. I want to be fearless.


Dave said...

there u go maulik, I still remember what Kumar said once before long time that " The hardest challenge is to be yrself when everyone tries to make u something else.."

I still remember back in Nirma I had fear about my impression but u know my journey to USA and my past taught me a lot. DOnt worry about other people who dont know u perfectly , care for only those who care for u , listen to only those who feels u.

We have short spam of life, so Be yrself and live with the open hearted to the fullest of yr joy.....


Maulik said...

Thanks Jawan! I know what exactly you mean and I really try. It's only sometimes that it becomes difficult to fight it. It happens more when I start something new and I always feel pressure from my own expectations to do something really good. There are times when we should not really worry about how good outcome will turn and rather focus on doing the work. It's more about being confident and lot of other factors which I am struggling against. For art field being yourself really matters a lot. But sometimes people around you make you think if you are good enough or if you can be good enough. I know I am being too hard on myself which sometimes is not a good thing because life is not that long.

Jigar said...

Take it easy Maulik. I have been taught a lot during my journey with Parag's company. One thing I taught was no metter what happens tomorrow, don't think about it, you just believe in yourself and do your level best to complete the task. Look, sky is the limit we all know that, but if we expact to touch sky we will atleast reach to the crest. One more thing, live the life without any hasitation. Also forget about what others' say. Apde gujarati ma kahiye ne "ek kaane sambhalvanu and bija kaane thi bahar kadhi nakhavanu". Enjoy.

Maulik said...

Thanks Jigar. I understand what you are saying. It's very true that we should not worry about tomorrow. It's just that sometimes even if you know something you cannot overcome it because of your state of mind.

My main problem in short I think is that, sometimes I underestimate myself.

Kumar Ahir said...

it's good do so bro.

this is the time when your best comes out. ha ha ha

well i've my presentation tommorrow.
i decided that i will complete it by now. still i'm struggling for ideas. though i hv discussed them with my guide I fear whether other profs. will like it or not. hence i'm trying to bring best out of me.

still i fear.

and as far as others are concerned they don't matter much unless they are near and dear ones.
so be happy and enjoy life.

Kanan said...

I think that part of the reason is because while growing up we have often seen failure as a bad/unwelcomed thing. Some discouraging people also say things like "see! I told you so" or "you shouldn't even have tried it", etc. to bring us down. Such statements and such people hurt our pride so next time around we try not to take a risk that might lead us to a failure. Fear of unknown always pushes us away from proceeding further towards our goal, specially if it's something we don't know much about. I have noticed that for every motivating thing, there are always more than one factors to discourage us. The hardest thing to do is to not listen to anyone who does not wish for our good. And only we can know that. Learning to ignore the society (read people who don't really matter) would help us quite a lot to become a successful individual. Always remind yourself that the change has to come in ourselves, not in others. I am sure you'd have read this but here's a nice story for you to read. I really like it a lot. :)

alp said...

i would only like to qoute some wise-man who had said that failures are stepping stones to success.

you commit mistakes (termed failure by the mass), you learn from it, it becomes an experience, which can only grow, and then next time around you do it better than the precious one. thats the journey or the process called life. so the essence is to do what you believe in, and do it to the best of you abilities, fulfilling the intentions that you had set out to achieve.

now comes the second part: the people. they will always have something to say for everything (because they are not you, and are likely/bound to have a different opinion). so never mind. the only important part is that you will always grow as an individual and nobody can take that away from you.

so without taxing your mind too much on the outcome, just go with it. let time do the rest... and have fun all the way.

Maulik said...

Thanks guys for all the comments so far. I am learning a lot and by reading your comments it helps to strengthen the belief and ideas.

Thanks alpesh.