Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cooking Spree

I am becoming so passionate about cooking. I love it not just for the sake of eating, but it's somehow a creative process and I love anything I find to engage creatively. It's kind of a mixture of science and art. You have to know how things cook like what item boils what time or which one will cook faster, how the quantity will affect the cooking. And you have to be creative and artistic in mixing spices and other items to come up with different tests.

My recent and most tasty adventure was cooking Ragda Pattise. It took me really long (2.5+ hrs), but was worthy. I learned a lot of things as well. Here is the pic :)

Some more items from past, I have not taken pictures of many new items I had tried. I wish I had taken bharva bhindi's picture, my fav :)


Kanan said...

That looks very delicious. Keep up the good work. I think it takes a lot of courage to try out this art! You should post the recipe as well for the amateur artists. ;)

Kumar Ahir said...

I just had a breakfast.
now feeling hungry again.
Boy you are ascending the creative stairs.

AmiDA said...

its amazing how you give heart and soul to whatever you do...
keep getting better!!!!

Bhagwati said...

Hey the pics show that you have become an excellent cook!!! I am feeling hungry after looking at the pics!!