Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dont love your drawing!

I have heard this few times and I know I am suffering from this issue. Our class instructor told us yesterday that her instructor had told the same things to her class. And I realize that this is really a big issue with many beginner students and that includes me. I was a serious victim of this in past, but I have improved over it to some extent.

Once we get attached to our drawing, we start limiting ourselves, we stop experimenting. And may be we will stop seeing all the mistakes in our drawing. If you watch the same drawing after some time you will see the mistakes that you could not see at the time of drawing it. So attachment eventually slows our learning curve down. That's why it's really important that we dont get attached to our drawing. And that's the key to be fearless while drawing. And not getting attached will also help in being a very good critique for your own work.

so Dont Love Your Drawing!


Kumar said...

see what i said.

ami da said...

:) very true! one should be able to critize one's own work to be able to cross the limits and produce the best :)

Maulik said...

Hey Kumar, yes it's true. But if I analyze now I found these issues in my performance in exam.

I wanted to add details. Well I think that's fine, only if I knew how to do that in short time. I didnt know that technique at that time, so I suffered and took long in first 2 questions.

Another thing is I was not fearless at that time. So I was really picky in drawing even contruction lines and that costed me more time.

I also had an attachment to what I was drawing, so that part also made me do some beautification to it. That costed me as well.

But later in all the question I was real quick, but I had alread lost so much time.